Unclutter is a new kind of reader mode. Directly in your browser, without boring walls of text.
Remove ads, cookie banners & popups.
Unclutter analyses a website's CSS to remove non-essential page elements. All changes are animated.
Customize text across of all websites.
Yet unlike with other reader modes, websites keep their original style.
Navigate long reads.
Unclutter generates chapters from the page and updates them as you scroll.
See quotes discussed on Hacker News.
85,643+ public comments that mention article quotes turn up directly within the extension.
Save highlights by selecting them.
Your notes are saved locally or can be synced to Hypothes.is and note-taking apps.
Try Unclutter in your browser:
Open-source, with new updates every week.
Open an issue for anything that's wrong, read the documentation, or contribute!
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— For the love of internet articles.